Friday, 10 June 2011

"Pakistani children out of school due to malnutrition"

My response to an article by Musa Mussadaq in Pakistan's Express Tribune:

When will the government learn – and when will the people realise their own folly? The government is happy to spend billions on arms that only help the western economies and massage the egos of army generals. The argument of defence is rubbish – if it’s India we’re worried about, we needn’t be. India is far too sensible to want to be lumbered with Pakistan’s population. If it’s Afghanistan, then perhaps we should stop meddling and thinking we’re a ‘player’ in the region. We’re not and acting as if we are has only encouraged gangsters and crime within Pakistan. With even a fraction of the defence budget, we could have – and still can – provide a decent education and credible opportunities to the next generation. Perhaps then we could also tell the sodding Saudis where to stick their money and not have the problem of madrassas and rampant fundamentalism within our borders.

Come on, we’re a happy, tolerant and reasonably clever people – let’s not waste our most important resource, our people. Never mind the government, what are the more affluent within the population doing? Buying property around the world? Shopping? Is anyone interested in setting up schools? Where are our own Rowntrees and Shaftesburys?

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